scarlet_22 (scarlet_22) wrote in 311mindspin,

did anyone go to the show last night? i did :D
they said it was their 15th anniversary show! and what's awesome is that i was at their TEN YEAR anniversary show! now i feel special ;)
and thank god they played 8:16 am. i would've been VERY pissed if they didn't. i mean come on, it's 8/16! :D
and i obtained my first real concert injury at the show last night! haha! it's amazing that all the shows i've been to, i wasn't hurt until last night. but that's ok, because i was still able to continue dancing! hahaha...
nick seemed really happy. he smiled a lot more than he usually does :D

this will be in no order whatsoever...

freak out
8:16 am
beautiful disaster
stealing happy hours
what was i thinking?
omaha stylee
beyond the grey sky
all mixed up
freeze time
applied science
you wouldn't believe
don't tread on me
and shame on me, but i can't remember the new songs.
and i'm probably missing a few more...

encore: fuck the bullshit, who's got the herb? (and maybe something else? i can't remember.)

oh yeah, and i think when papa roach played they said something about how when they say thanks to 311 they mean it because 311 is saving music. :D yay.
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